Here are what some of our customers are saying about Tombo Towels!

"When my friend gifted me with three of these 100% cotton towels, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical since the fabric wasn’t the usual terry towel we’re accustomed to using. Wow! Was I pleasantly surprised!!  They are incredibly soft, light, super absorbent and with the attached loop on the bath towels, they hang beautifully in my spa bathroom. I’ve been spoiled and now will only buy Tombo Towels.”  ~Denise D.

 "Thank you for the beautiful Tombo Towels. They are so soft and luxurious. We love how they feel and how light they are. We also love that they are so elegant and pretty. We love the luxe and laid back California style in a Japanese towel! Brilliant!" ~Julie and Dean P.

 "I have always thought, a towel is a towel .. shrug ** It Drys! But I was wrong, Tombo Towels are beautifully different. They absorb so much more, and yet are light weight and fast drying. Super soft on your complexion and much less damage to your hair. Seriously Awesome Essentials! They are so yummy! I’m hooked on them! ~Jessica R.

 "The softest, lightest yet most absorbent towels I have ever experienced, in pleasing, sublime colors. Highly recommended for persons of taste!" ~Yen K.

 "Loving the towels! They are very absorbent and I think they dry faster than typical ones. Also like the hanging loop. I like how light it is on my head when I use it to wrap my hair after I wash it. Reg towels hurt my neck, they are so heavy." ~Susan A.

 "Like drying an exquisite wine glass and having it shine brilliantly crystal clear, except it’s your beautiful body you’re drying!  Super absorbent and ultra light, Tombo bath towels are a different and unique kind of luxury!! Amazing!!  Some in every color, please!!!" ~Charlotte S.

 "These towels are truly amazing. They feel light as a feather in your hand, but do such a wonderful job drying you off. Their fluffy, gauzy texture is very attractive. The towels dry very quickly, making them especially great for the warm and humid summer months. My husband has declared the Tombo Face Cloth to be his favorite by far of all our wash cloths! We love our Tombo Towels!" ~Kelly D.

 "At first, I was surprised by the gauze like feel of the towels and wondered if they would be absorbent enough. I was delighted to discover that the towels were even more absorbent, soft and luxurious than any regular towel I’ve used!" ~Steven W.

 "These amazingly absorbent towels are a revelation! Light and airy, they are so soft against the skin. Superior to any towel I’ve ever used!" ~Ramey W.

 "I’ve been loving these towels since purchasing a month or so ago. I love how they transform my bathroom into a beautiful spa just hanging by their clever loops. They perform as well as they look, feel amazing against the skin and launder perfectly! Having injured my shoulder recently, I also appreciate how light and easily maneuverable they are, even with my “bad arm”. They’re incredibly absorbent and quick drying, too! Wonderful towels!!!!" ~Susan M.

 "You must try these terrific Tombo Towels! So soft, light, magically absorbent and such sophisticated style. Treat yourself and gift to loved ones! Form+Function = beautiful towels" XO ~Jan M.

“Tombo Towels make me want to take a shower! The softest and lightest and most amazing towels I have ever used.” ~Julia G.
"Great quality! Lightweight, soft and ultra-absorbent. They dry quickly so no musty odor. Purchased three sets for my family. My husband, who’s quite picky was a bit skeptical at first but now he refuses to use any other towel! Had to purchase 4 more bath towels! Do yourself and your family a favor and purchase these towels!" ~Diane N.
"Have been using my Tombo Towels for a while now and wow — they are fabulous!!  So soft, so incredibly absorbent, so pretty!  I can just wrap my head in one after I wash my hair, and my hair is almost dry by the time I unwrap!  Definitely a big upgrade to my bathroom and to my bathing routine!  And I love the way they look stacked together.  A great modern vibe. Love them!!” 
~Diane G.
"Light, elegant, highly absorbent, beautiful to look at. Tombo Towels are a daily pleasure to experience in our home. I have been giving them as gifts to family, friends, and clients, and will continue to do so. My sister, who just visited with us this Thanksgiving, loves the face towels in particular, and this made my holiday gift to her so easy and special. Thank you, Michele and Tae & the whole team at Tombo Towels." ~Christine K.