Our Story

Once in a great while, if you’re fortunate, you meet someone and instantly feel a familial bond. Such is our friendship of 30 years!  

We both have been fortunate to have lived in Japan and the U.S. all our lives and have enjoyed the best of both worlds. For as long as we can remember, we’ve talked about what Japanese household items our families enjoy, and how we could introduce them into more western households. Tombo Towel is the result of this quest. 

We are so excited to share these exquisitely crafted towels with you and your family...the towels our families reach for.

Tae & Michele


Our Towels

Tombo Towels are hand-made in Japan from the highest quality cotton blends selectively sourced from around the world. Our towels are expertly woven on vintage shuttle looms, operated manually at a very low speed. In fact, our factory takes so much pride and care in making these towels that they are only able to produce enough fabric to make 20 bath towels a day! They are manufactured in the Senshu region of Osaka, Japan, historically known since 1887 for their unique post-weave refining process called “atozarashi.” Normally, towels are woven with starched fibers, as this increases durability, but the starch repels water and thus affects absorbency. Washing and refining the textile after it is woven allows for the removal of starch, oils, and other impurities in the fiber, resulting in higher absorbency while preserving its fluffy texture.

Japanese artisans are widely known for their strong emphasis on product quality, design and superior craftsmanship. Tombo Towels are no exception. Our towels have two outer layers of baby-soft gauze with an inner layer of highly absorbent pile. Our eco-friendly towels are ultra-absorbent, quick to dry, lightweight, voluminous and luxuriously soft.