Springtime in Japan


Springtime is perhaps the most wonderful time of year in Japan! It is a time of renewal with verdant greenery and perfect weather. April marks a new beginning as schools and businesses start their new year. The weather is mild and welcoming after a cold winter and before the rainy season begins in June.

Cherry blossoms (sa-ku-ra) are in full bloom all over the country in parks, along-side roads and virtually everywhere. Their delicate and breathtaking pale pink petals bloom for 10 brief days or so, and when the petals start falling, the ground is covered in what looks like pink snow. Pure magic! Ha-na-mi (cherry blossom viewing) is a popular, annual activity as families and friends picnic under the shade of these glorious trees during the day and often stay well into the night. Springtime also brings many cherry blossom festivals and Shinto festivals to cities all over Japan.

If you ever find yourself in Japan in the spring, you will find various sakura-flavored offerings in traditional Japanese confectioners as well as Starbucks, Pocky, Krispy Kreme and even KitKat! Another highlight in the food department are strawberries. The strawberries in Japan are the most beautiful and delicious strawberries we have ever tasted. They are perfectly shaped and incredibly tasty.

Spring reminds us that life itself is beautiful, yet fleeting, much like the cherry blossoms. We hope this spring brings you a renewed sense of hope as the world continues to heal from its challenges.

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for our new batch of organic towels to arrive from Japan, we are happy to announce that our store is well stocked once again.

In Harmony and Health,

Tae and Michele

Photos by Ken Katsurayama